Here are some useful Links. If you want to add your own links to add to this list, get in contact and i'll add them post haste

Kicks Joy Darkness Website - The final band Lee Citron's was in

Official Serafin Website - Ben Smith's latest band

Serafin Fansite - Day By Day - Features Lyrics from the album, singles and EPs

Serafin Fansite - One More Way - More Recent Fansite with band info, lyrics, photos and tabs

FlashRadio, who in the Stony Sleep heyday played many of their tracks.
FlashRadio was the only location on the web which combined killer graphics with Music as a backdrop. But now, it has gone down but i like the logo - oh well

imdbThe ultimate database of virtually every film made

Home Star Runner Website - hilarious cartoon page

Rather Good Website - Random Shockwave animations featuring blode, Space Monkeys, The crab of ineffable Wisdom and many more

Metafilter Find out what's happening on the net - possibly the craziest people on the web

ResExResExcellence - where you'll probably find me if I'm not working