For those of you who don't already know, the band have split up, and will now continue on their individual projects.
Ben's new band is called SERAFIN - check out the Official Serafin Website
Christian was in a band called Razorlight, but in May 2004 left and then went on to join his brother's band Serafin in September 2004
Christian has since recorded a few albums of Stony Sleep's side project French Car and the Bulimic Wizards which featured Christian on guitar, Lee Citron on bass and Julius Naidu on drums. Other friends featured on the albums. The band now has Caroline from My Vitriol on bass and will be selling the albums on iTunes.
Lee's last project before the tragic death of three of the members (including Lee) of Kicks Joy Darkness (8/11/2001) included "Judge Death", and "Flying Mango Attack".
Check out the Kicks Joy Darkness Website


Now, some info on Stony Sleep:

I was surfing the web one day, and decided to look up under all the search engines I knew, one of my favourite bands, of which I happened to know the newly signed bassist. After a few hours of searching, I came up with two sites containing information, one of which was part of an interview, and the other one contained a more recent interview plus a few reviews; both have now gone offline; but sadly they did not contain anything in quantity, so I intend to fill in the gap for anyone who wishes to know more about a great band.


Yes, the band I am talking about are, of course, the one and only "Stony Sleep", whose first album entitled "Music For Chameleons" is a masterpiece, especially for fans of Nirvana or the Pixies, to which they have been compared. Signed to Indie label Big Cat, for a five album deal, despite rumours that they would sign to Columbia.

Who are Stony Sleep? Stony Sleep were a North London trio who amazed many big labels when they heard the record deal they were given. They originally began when lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Ben Smith was only thirteen years old, with his younger brother Christian, and friend, Will Salmon. Christian was on drums, and Will on bass. This was until a disagreement between Ben and Will, unfortunately lead to Will leaving. This was after the recording of the first album in 1996.

Will was replaced by bassist Lee Citron. It is Lee who is the band member I happened to know, since he used to go to my school.
Lee was the Bass player of both Stony Sleep and an unsigned band, called 'French Car and the Bolemic Wizard' (or 'French Car' for short). Christian was one of the guitarists in this band, and the drummer, Julius Naidu. After Stony Sleep recorded their second album, French Car ceased to exist. About 6 months after the second album, A Slack Romance, was released. They toured extensively around the UK during this time. However, success did not come easy and in 1999 Stony Sleep played their last gig and split up in July that year (though it was not official until later). They did try to sign to record labels in America before the official split, but it was not to be.

As mentioned above, the band members went their separate ways: Ben is a singer songwriter guitarist for a band called Serafin and Christian the drummer was a member of Razorlight before also joining Serafin

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